Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Our Friend Kaden!

Our friend, Kaden, came to visit today while his Mommy and Big Sister went to school. Kaden was a little overwhelmed by us boys for a few minutes but after a while, he got the hang of it. We taught him lots of things. Here..let us show you some...

See Kaden turn all the blocks out of this box and onto the floor. Who was Mommy kidding when she says they belong in there. We know the truth. The belong on the floor, in the couch cushions, in the laundry hampers...Kaden caught on to this one quickly.
He also was pretty quick to learn the proper way to eat popcorn! See Mom. He's got this one down and he likes our baseball bowl too. I even showed him the sign for 'popcorn' and 'eat'. He was pretty excited about the sign for 'eat'.
We discovered that Kaden LOVES to play ball. This one had him giggling for a long time. It sings songs. He also really liked our beach ball and played catch with us for a good 20 minutes.
Did you know he can take hats off and then put them right back on. Pretty cool. We are trying to convince him that the Mariners are the best. Ever.
His big sister Lauren came back from school with a very neat butterfly on her cheek. She is so cute and Mommy just loves the nails! Sometime she's going to have to show Lauren all the different colors of nailpolish she has while her Mommy and Daddy go out for dinner. That reminds me...hope you get better soon Mr. J. We heard you were sick with a cold/flu and we hope you get better.

Thanks for coming to visit us Kaden. We had lots of fun. Next time you come, Jonah is going to show you how to dance. He can really 'kick-it' to VeggieTales. He's gonna have to show you some of his fancy moves. I've got this cool frog hamper that I want you to see. Then we can try and color (but Mommy won't let us eat the crayons), or maybe we can show you how to climb couch cushions, or we can build a fort, then we can pull out all the socks and make sock puppets, and ....


Tommy's mommy said...

Looks like LOTS OF FUN! Lauren's nails have inspired me :) Dylan, Jonah and Kaden look like they are having a blast together. Hopefully we can play with all of you as soon as this sickness bug leaves us. Happy Thanksgiving!

Heather said...

Yeah, Kaden and Lauren are famous, they made Dylan's blog. Kaden had alot of fun playing with his new best buddies! He slept for 3 hours afterwards!

Thanks for watching him so I could spend some good quality time with Lauren!


Carolyn said...

You boys are having way to much fun.