Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Poor, Poor, Jonah

Poor, poor Jonah. Or at times...poor, poor Mommy.

Jonah has had two teeth pop through this week and from what Mommy can tell, the ones that have been threatening to pop through the last month or so, are all coming in at once. Jonah is miserable as evidenced by his cranky demeanor and even more so in his diaper. The kiddo has had the worst diapers (every diaper!) which have also resulted in some serious diaper rash. Mommy has been knee-deep in horrible pooh and trying to hold Jonah down while she puts on prescription diaper ointment. Like I said, it has been some serious diaper duty!

So poor, poor Jonah. Mommy is hoping for some relief for him soon. On the bright side, I'm definitely starting to get better from my cold. I'm still a 'snot-factory' according to Mommy so we cancelled our therapies this week but it's definitely almost over. So now, we just need to all be well at the same time. Jonah..get better soon little brother.

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