Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Memorable and Smelly Christmas

We have had an interesting Christmas....or a terrible one. It depends on if you see the glass half full or half empty. At the moment, Mommy is in the half-empty category.

Our Christmas adventure started on Sunday even though we didn't even know it. We were getting ready to head out to church when Jonah threw up all over Daddy. Since Mommy was playing in the service, she left and Daddy got to hang at home with us boys. All was well after that little episode. Jonah acted fine and seemed happy. He got a little spit-uppy later that night but since he hadn't really eaten all day, Mommy and Daddy just thought he had eaten too fast. He was so happy that they ruled out anything else.

Christmas Eve was pretty nice. Daddy worked and Mommy baked all morning. She made fudge, got the ham for dinner going, made brownies, and even whipped up some cookies. She was pretty excited for Uncle Joe to come visit and had prepared a big dinner.

All day long, Jonah and I were fine. Nothing new and even had good naps. It was a pretty good day. Later that afternoon we headed to church so Mommy could practice for the candlelighting service. Daddy came to join us as the service started.

We were in the middle of the service when the number indicating parental attention was needed in the church daycare came up. Since Mommy wasn't playing her oboe, she went to check and sure enough..all the hoopla was over me. I had thrown up. Twice.

Daddy gathered Jonah and I while Mommy packed our stuff. She helped load us into the car and got back into the service just in time to play her oboe again in a part they wanted her to play a solo. After the service, Mommy hurriedly put her oboe away apologizing profusely to all the other parents and got out to the car. That is when a very kind lady rear -ended another car and Mommy saw the whole thing. The woman was pretty shaken up so Mommy stayed to help her locate the other driver. No one was hurt and the damage was minor.

But when Mommy got home, she discovered just how sick I was. I had already thrown up all over the living room, in the bathroom, in the toilet, in the bathtub, and was being held by Uncle Joe who had just arrived while Daddy tried to clean it all up. I was sick for the entire evening and Mommy was concerned enough that she decided to sleep on the floor by my bed to make sure all was well.

It wasn't well. In fact, I threw up several times during the night. In between my throwing up, Jonah started to whine and he had several diahrrea episodes. Mommy got maybe an hour's sleep but when she went in to see if Daddy could call in late to work to see if she could get a few hours rest, that is when she discovered Daddy throwing up in a wastebasket. Great. Poor Uncle Joe's visit was going to be memorable, that's for sure.

Christmas came with half-hearted attempts to open presents and lots of bottles of water. Daddy, Jonah, and I were all sick. Bad. Uncle Joe and Mommy spent all day just trying to keep all well and clean...or when necessary, to just dive out of the way.

So this is when Mommy should say Merry Christmas...but she'll be glad to see this one over with. She's not feeling so hot herself this Christmas evening.


Ang said...

Oh my gosh..Please send my love to the sick patients. It sounds like the flu has hit your house. It was not fun when it hit our house.

Much love and prayers to all of you

sarah and the troops said...

Oh Kristy and Family, we will be thinking of you and so sorry that you are all dealing with the flu. Hope by now you are all a bit better. We love you and will pray for a healthier tomorrow.

skeybunny said...

If it makes you feel any better, you weren't the only family singing fa-la-la, la-la-la-blah... Jeremy (Evan's dad) was really sick on Christmas Day also--we had to leave my parent's house early. Thankfully, Evan and I have not caught the bug (finger's crossed). Here's to a barf-free New Year's!

Sarah (Evan's mom)