Sunday, December 23, 2007

What A Day!

Mommy has a story to's about her unbelievable day (Friday) and how I had one of the largest meltdowns ever. It is definitely a meltdown that will go down in history. We're sure Guiness Book of Records will be calling soon.

It started with an Occupational Therapy appointment. Mommy, Jonah, and I arrived early with such efficiency, it looked like we actually knew what we were doing. Except I wanted to run in hospital hallway and Mommy didn't want me to. So I started throwing a temper tantrum. It was a pretty good one too. But to make Mommy even more embarrassed, in walk people we know. One of Daddy's co-workers comes in shortly followed by a classmate of mine. This particular tantrum was dramatic but fortunately my therapist let me ride on her swing which made things all better. We were actually able to have much therapy was accomplished, we're not sure but we were there and without a big crying fit.

But Mommy had a problem. She had to go grocery shopping. If she didn't get the shopping done after my therapy appointment, it would have to wait until after her opera performance which literally meant grocery shopping at midnight. Since the swing seemed to set my mood right, she gave it a shot. We were a little crabby but if Mommy kept the grocery cart moving and crackers in our little hands, we seemed to make it okay. In fact, shopping went well with the exception of Mommy barreling through the aisles to keep us moving forward all the while shouting "Merry Christmas" to all the people who were jumping out of her way.

We got all our groceries and headed for the checkout line. Mommy got half of the groceries on the conveyor when I decided I had enough. Actually, Mommy thinks I might have panicked because someone got in line behind us and we were not able to get out so she thinks I might have felt trapped. Panicked, mad, temper tantrum...all these words do not adequately describe the screaming and crying that happened. I started hitting Jonah, I grabbed candy boxes from the shelf and hurled them at people (so much for it being a 'family friendly' checkout lane), and I even started throwing myself around in the cart like I was being attacked.

Mommy ripped me out of the grocery cart to hold me and help me out but that only made things worse. So now holding on for dear life, Mommy held me while throwing the rest of the groceries onto the belt. Eggs went flying, cereal...all of it. Just trying to get through. Pronto. Sure enough, I was making such a scene that Mommy was really having to hold tight and that is when people started pulling out their cell phones. Soon the manager was there to help.

But just as things couldn't get any worse, they actually did. All the groceries were scanned and Mommy opened her purse to pay but that is when she discovered her ATM card was missing. Yep. Not there.

The manager and checker were SO nice they let Mommy leave with the milk (and us kids) to go home and get our checkbook. She got us into the car and we made a mad dash back and forth from home. As you might imagine, Mommy was crying by this point. Hard.

We got back to the store but us kiddos recognizing that we had just been there and it hadn't been much fun, started to throw another fit. By this point, Mommy gave the manager a blank check, asked him to fill it out, and to just get her out. The checker who was helping Mommy kindly asked Mommy if I had a heart condition. Yes, was her reply. That is when the checker announced that this was his second position and he was also a Physical Therapist...who specialized in cardiac care. He was so kind in telling Mommy she was doing a great job and that shopping must be a real challenge. She started bawling again. He was her hero.

But as if the day couldn't get any worse, it did. Mommy got us home and off to our naps we went. Then Mommy went to her Opera performance where she experienced the WORST coughing fit she's ever had in her life. She was sure she was going to be fired but then the other oboist turned to her and stated..."I'm going to be sick". Sure enough, he runs from the pit orchestra and Mommy now covers his part and her own. All while trying to not cough.

So that was her incredibly bad day. One great thing...a day like that makes her REALLY thankful for all her other days. Phew.


Mary said...


I am so sorry that you had such a bad day. You deserve much better. Holidays are difficult. Unfortunately few of us are blessed with Norman Rockwell holidays. I hope that you get a good night's sleep and that tomorrow is a better day.

Anonymous said...

OH Sweety,

I hope the rest of your holidays are filled with love, kisses, and no melt downs by anyone.

AZ Chapmen said...

I am sorry dil was not acting right lots of hugs

Meril said...

Oh Kristy,

What a horrid day! That even sounds worse than the day i was told I had cancer. I am soooo sorry.
I wish I had a magic wand for you. Tell you what - if I find it, you can be the first customer.
I hope you have a better day and Christmas.

Love you,