Friday, January 04, 2008

Puppy Patrol

It all started on New Years Day. Mommy looked out and saw our puppy, Jack, eating something. A big something. So she looked a little closer and that is when she discovered that Jack and Elsa had discovered the remains of a deer that had obviously met up with some coyotes in the field next to us. Jack had brought back a leg. Yep. Bambi's front leg was in our back yard.

That is also where Mommy draws the line. She has had to deal with the puppies bringing other things like a snake, a couple of dead birds, and even a chicken foot. She can handle that. No problem. But this time...nope. Daddy gets to deal with it. So she marched into the bedroom and woke Daddy. Except he was a little groggy so here is how the conversation went:

Mommy: "Ray, you need to get up. Jack's got a deer."

Daddy: "What? Jack's limping like a deer?"

Mommy: "No. He's got a deer."

Daddy: "He's playing with deer?"

Mommy: "No. He's eating a deer."

Daddy: "Oh."

So Daddy did take care of Bambi's front leg and then did follow the puppies to the rest of its remains. He determined not much was left so there shouldn't be anymore problems. But Jack and Elsa now have decided that acting like scavengers is the best thing in the whole world. So today, Mommy got to deal with a dead ferret (?), a dead bird, and wouldn't you know it....some more of that deer. Great.

Hurry home Daddy. Mommy is grossed out beyond recognition. Kind of like that ferret....or whatever it was.


Anonymous said...

Tell the dogs we're not living on Little House on the Prairie and that Mommy needs a BIG BREAK!!

Hugs to all of you!!

Carolyn said...

Oh my, yep Kristy, I would be grossed out too. Hope the puppies don't go roaming off anytime soon.
Carolyn in WV