Thursday, January 10, 2008


Mommy's been tagged by Amy and AZ! She needs to share 7 things that others don't know about her so here they are:

1. Mommy loves, loves, loves popcorn. If she could eat popcorn and anything cheese all day, she'd be one very happy gal.

2. Mommy spent every summer as a kid living out of a tent-trailer in the remote mountains of Washington. Specifically, by Leavenworth. How remote? Let's just say Mommy is very good with a shovel (can you guess why?) and can bathe in icy rivers without a second thought.

3. Mommy will NEVER EVER play in the musicals My Fair Lady or Oklahoma. She has played them so many times in the past that she still has flashbacks years later. Very disturbing ones.

4. Mommy and Daddy never went on a date until after they were married. She and Daddy were friends for over 10 years and one day they realized that they were supposed to be together. They were married 3 months later. Their first date? At the sewage treatment plant in Bellingham. No joke.

5. Mommy's pretty upset right now because the deer leg is back. Right now it is by the back door and she is waiting for Daddy to come exactly 2 and 1/2 hours.

6. Mommy is a weather addict. She loves wild weather and checks the weather reports at least 3 times a day. Her favorite sound is the falling rain. Rain falling on the top of a tent-trailer is the best. Especially when snuggled in under lots of blankets.

7. Mommy is also addicted to me and Jonah's bed-head. She loves it.


Susie PSU said...

You two could have been on Dirty Jobs on your first date! ha ha

Ang said...

Sewer Treatment Plant? Oh My..
Well Let's nibble on Cheese Popcorn this weekend as we watch the football game..

GO SEA/Packers..Ok I had to that for the benefit of the boys...

Mighty Max! said...

I totally want to hear more about courtship (or lack thereof)...never heard that story before! Sounds interesting!

Hope your team is doing great!