Monday, February 25, 2008

Grateful Grapes and Gripes

Wow! Time really flies. Mommy can't believe it is already Monday and time for our weekly Grateful Grapes and Gripes. Truthfully, Mommy has struggled today for what to be grateful for. Not because she has nothing to be grateful for, but just the opposite. She has LOTS to be grateful for and she was having a hard time deciding what to write about.

There were lots of things that could be on the Grateful Grapes list. For example, she is VERY grateful for having a concert over and done with! She played in a concert on Sunday and it was some very hard music. Sherhazade by Rimsky-Korsakov to be exact. She was nervous because this music was very challenging and she wasn't feeling very confident about it. So she was extremely Grateful after the concert to know that all went well and most importantly...she was done! Phew.

Another item that could have been on the Grateful Grapes list was consignment shops. She found some pretty fantastic clothes for herself and us kiddos this week for a great price. More importantly, she found us some shoes that fit. I am particularly hard to buy shoes for. I have really wide feet! The fact that she found two pairs that fit me, was definitely high on the Grateful Grapes prospects list.

How about jam? She found a cool kiwi-pineapple jam recipe that is pretty yummy. Or what about the sunny weather that we have been enjoying? Our entire family has been basking in the sun playing on our 4wheeler and Mommy got her garden prep started. All of these could have made the Grateful Grapes list too. How about the fact that we have been virus free for over a week? That's something definitely to be Grateful for.

But the ultimate Grateful Grapes goes to a humble lesson. Mommy is working on some projects for Down syndrome Outreach which include Press Releases. Normally, the words flow from her fingertips to the computer with ease. But today, she experienced one of the worst cases of writers block and the fingertips stood frozen. Words were jumbled, rearranged, and re-typed without success. Creativity was at a stand-still. Nada. Zilch. What Mommy normally takes for granted was suddenly inaccessible and her goal to accomplish these Press Releases was about to be put to rest for the day after some pretty hard attempts to get the words just right. Just when she had about given up, she said a little prayer, and wham! The words were on the page. It was truly a gift and a humble lesson all-in-one. So that is Mommy's Grateful Grape for the week.

Just so you all know, a few other items on the list included Windex (Mommy does live with 3 boys and two big dogs), Fish Crackers, and a fun bonfire that Daddy had going this weekend after he took down some ill trees on our property.
She's also Grateful for a week that has so much to be thankful for. Can't forget that.

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Mighty Max! said...

How wonderful Kristy!

On a side note, if you ever need help with a press release in the future...gimme a ring. :)

Love you guys! Amy