Sunday, February 03, 2008

No Words

Mommy has no words to describe how angry she is after reading this article. Beware, it is VERY disturbing in many respects. Mommy struggled whether she should share this or not. She decided that she would because this article demonstrates just how far we need to go to with respect to gaining equality for individuals with disabilities.,2933,327445,00.html


Mary said...

Oh, Kristy, how terrible! I cannot comprehend such a monster who would think of doing that!

I also read the "Deadbeat Dad Runs for Office in Chicago" article. We have a similar "conservative" values
"Deadbeat Dad" in office here in Kanawha County, WV.

Anonymous said...

I heard this yesterday on the news and cried because I thought of Dylan, and a few of the students I've met at Bugaboo's School. It just saddens me that people would do this.

Mishi's Craft corner said...

You did good that you posted it. Although I"ve seen it too, others need to be aware that these things happen. Only if we know, we can fight.