Thursday, February 21, 2008

Say "Eeee"

Mommy and I have a game that we like to play. I am really, really trying to learn how to talk and so Mommy is being very creative in helping me. We play a game where she throws me on her bed. She says, "One, Two..." and then I have to say, "Eeee". I can play this game over and over. If I get tired, I ask to watch the ceiling fan above the bed. Then I say, "Eeee" and we are playing our game once more. Who says therapy lessons can't be fun?

PS. Sorry the video is so bad. We were playing this game at night and the lighting was not the best. You can hear me say "Eee" which is so great. Mommy is really proud.

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Carolyn said...

Dylan, I've played the video several times. I love hearing you say "Eeee". I'm so proud of you and mommy.
Knuckles to Dylan and a Hug for Mommy.