Monday, February 11, 2008

School Parent Sessions

Today, Jonah, Mommy, and I went to school. While Jonah and I stayed to play with all the other cool kiddos, Mommy went to another room to talk with the other parents. This "parent session" is a monthly get-together of all the parents where we talk about current issues, ideas, and most importantly, to bond. All the parents in our group are very special to Mommy. They each have their different perspectives, backgrounds, and personalities yet all share a common bond of having a child with special needs. Even though most of the parents there are new to the "special needs thing", the facilitator who runs the group meeting is also a parent of an older adult with special needs and brings a seasoned perspective. She's pretty spectacular. It is truly a group that "gets it" and full of people who are not going to judge you, try to give you false encouragement, ....they truly "get" what it is to have a child with special needs.

Mommy likes to think that our group is special. That we all have a unique bond. In fact, we do. We are starting to get together monthly (only Mommy missed the first one because of the Whooping Cough thing). We talk outside of school. We help support eachother. It is truly a unique relationship all these parents have and Mommy is sincerely grateful to know these women and men. Since she is so endeared to each individual, it makes my move to a Big Boy School even harder. Mommy looks forward to seeing these families every Monday. When I start going to Big Boy School....that isn't going to happen anymore. Frankly, it scares Mommy.

Since Mommy knows most people from our group read this blog she has a message to everyone...

Thank you so much. For everything.

As a little side note, she also wants to say thank you for your patience with her today. As you might have guessed, we haven't been out much lately and she was very excited to see everyone. Coffee might have played a factor into her hyperness but she was also truly excited to see everyone.

And to a very special little girl who says Mommy's name. WOW. E, you are pretty amazing too and your hug today really did make Mommy's day.

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