Friday, February 01, 2008

Sick and School Evaluations

Our good fortune of being healthy has officially come to an end. We were actually germ-free for two GLORIOUS weeks but as of this morning, Jonah and I have come down with some pretty serious coughs and runny noses. Yep, cold season is back at the G house.

Our new virus has prompted Mommy to cancel my Occupational Therapy appointment today and we have had to reschedule one of my evaluations for my big boy school. I was to see the school Speech/Language therapist later this afternoon for this evaluation and Mommy was looking forward to it. I had my Occupational, Physical, and Psychological evaluations earlier this week and they ended up being very fun. I was very impressive by putting objects into appropriate places, I rode a tricycle for the first time (and LOVED it), I rolled balls, and I tickled the psychologist. We met the teachers and staff...everyone was fantastic. I had them wrapped around my finger in no time.

The fact that I was all smiles during my time at the new school made Mommy feel better. She has been struggling with sending me to a special education preschool exclusively and would love to add a "typical" school into my curriculumn. The problem It's not that we are struggling financially. We're fine. But I need more speech therapy and our insurance has a cap on therapies. Our occupational therapy already uses up the funds available from insurance and so an additional therapist will be out-of-pocket. But Mommy says we can't afford a "typical" school tuition AND an additional speech-language therapist. Given that we have to make a choice, the therapist wins the contest. I need the speech therapy and even though Mommy wants to see me in an "inclusive" school environment, the "exclusive" (aka special needs only kiddos) is free. We're not the only ones to feel this way. We recommend you read this post by Cooper's Mommy. They share the same feelings about providing an "inclusive" environment for us kiddos. Click here to read and thanks Gretchen for putting this so eloquently.

So today is a quiet day at the G house. Mommy has some last minute planning to do for a Down syndrome Outreach meeting tomorrow (it's their annual planning meeting where they work out all the events for the year). Then Mommy is baking cookies and we are helping. I can predict some pictures...

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Ang said...

please get better quickly boys..the cold has struck our household this week as well..and let's just say it's not pretty.

germ free hugs and love