Thursday, February 07, 2008

So Sick

Jonah and I are on the mend but now it's Mommy's turn. She woke up last night to Jonah crying and so she held him for a little bit. But then she suddenly got very, very sick. She gave Jonah to Daddy and then spent the rest of the night throwing up. Great.

Daddy gets to stay home from work today to take care of us kiddos because Mommy is still suffering. Not only is she sick to her stomach, but she's coughing and has a fever. The headache that she has is keeping her up too.

Get better soon Mommy.


Tommy's mommy said...

Oh Kristy! Hope you get better soon. Those headaches are just so hard, and the vomitting. Let me know if I can run an errand, bring over some 7up to drink.... whatever you need! Take care.

Anonymous said...

oh no!!! Kristy please get yourself mended up..You are so blessed to have Ray home to care for you and the boys..Hugs and Much love to ya'll

Carolyn said...

Oh Kristy, I hope you start feeling better real soon. Boys be good for Daddy and Ray hoping you don't get it.
Hug to all,
Carolyn in WV

Mighty Max! said...

I am so sorry! I had no idea and here I was bothering you with phone calls about silly things. Hope you feel better soon my friend...what a week!

Susie PSU said...

Mommy being sick is the worst!