Thursday, March 06, 2008

Big Boy School Meeting

Today, Mommy is going to my big boy school to meet with all the specialists who gave me lots of tests. They will be going over all these tests and then set up a date for my IEP (Individual Educational Plan). This meeting today is generally to go over why I qualify for Special Education. To sum it up....going over all the things a 'typical' 3 year-old should be doing and how I'm not doing it.

Yep. A fun meeting about all the things I can't do right now. Mommy is not looking forward to this meeting but is grateful that a few other parents have warned her that this is by far, the hardest meeting. Knowing this, she can hopefully prepare herself and keep her cool.

One good thing is that the meeting will be at my new school. We have not been there yet so it will be exciting to see. Mommy will also meet my new teacher (although my current one is pretty fantastic so this gal has a lot to live up to).

This is definitely an emotional time for Mommy. In fact, Mommy had a very sad moment yesterday. I had my very last therapy session with S. She was my Occupational Therapist from my current school and Mommy just loves her. Mommy teared up yesterday when our therapy session was over and S had to leave. To make Mommy feel better, after our nap, we went outside and played in the beautiful sunshine for a couple of hours. The dogs loved playing catch with me and Jonah just loves playing with dirt.

Big boy school. Mommy's not ready for me to be 3 yet. Here Mom, let me give you a hug.


Eva and her 'rents said...

Of course I understand how you're feeling right now. The transition is difficult. But he'll enjoy school so much and the staff there are great. If you feel yourself getting bristly, just know that you have it in you to be a wonderful advocate for your kids' best educations. The IEP meeting, which had a pretty positive spin for us, won't tell you anything you don't already know about Dylan. You have friends out here and support and love. See you at school!!

Mary said...

Good move, Dylan, I am sure a hug from you is exactly what your mother needs today.

Kristy, hang in there! Charts and statistics are so cold and the bottle is usually presented as half empty instead of half full. Just think of how great you will feel when you and Dylan prove them wrong.

Love, Mary

Carolyn said...

Dylan give Mommy a hug for me. And I'm blowing kisses to you. It's hard to believe you will be three.
Carolyn in WV