Friday, March 14, 2008

Bloody Nose Update

Our trip to the doctor's office on Tuesday was an interesting experience for Mommy. We went to the doctor for my bloody noses and Mommy was very grateful that the medical staff took her seriously on how much blood I was losing when I had my "attacks". Right away, they started asking Mommy questions about some possible symptoms for some other things and then sent me down for some blood work.

After getting poked (I was a very brave boy), the conclusion is that I have an infection/virus that has caused my septum to swell. This pushes the blood vessels in my nose to swell and so when I sneeze, pick my nose (ME?!? NEVER!), or even breathe very dry air, then it will cause heavy bleeding. The blood tests did indicate I was slightly anemic from a lot of blood loss and my white blood cell count indicated I was sick.

The solution? I get to snort vaseline. Yep. Mommy rubs vaseline up my nose (*this is fun*) and hopefully it will keep my nose moist so I won't bleed as easily. Since I do have a cold, you'd think my vast and plentiful amount of snot would take care of this. But apparently not. So now Mommy gets to shove her finger up my nose. Good times, good times.

The good news? I went two days without another gusher. I did wake up this morning with a little bloody nose but not as bad. The vaseline trick seems to be working. Thank you to everyone who sent Mommy emails. We appreciate your concern. Now just keep Mommy in your prayers for a good nights sleep. Jonah and I really do have a terrible cold and we are keeping her up at night. Maybe one day this month we'll let her sleep but for now, she seems to be heading to the coffee pot a lot.

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Anonymous said...

so glad to hear that he's doing much better. you'll continue to be in my prayers