Monday, March 03, 2008

Grateful Grapes and Gripes

It's Monday once again which means it's time for Grateful Grapes and Gripes. This week, Mommy has to admit she struggled a little with the Grateful part...but had LOADS of Gripes. Daddy was gone all week for work and so Mommy has been on her own. No problem except that Jonah and I have been having lots of "moments" and since Mommy has had no relief, you can say that she's been a little on edge sometimes. But Daddy's absence is actually the Grateful Grape for the day. Not him being gone. No! We missed him lots and lots. Mommy was Grateful for his absence because that meant she could sleep in the middle of the bed.

Yep. The middle of the bed. That is the Grateful Grape of the week. You know. That soft, undisturbed part of the mattress that seems so soft and warm with ALL the pillows curled around you. After a long hard day, Mommy got to look forward to climbing into bed with no restrictions (his half vs. her half) and sleep right in the middle. She could sleep sideways, spread out, use all the covers, and even add more blankets if she wanted to. Right there in the middle of the bed.

The middle of the bed. Not your usual thing to be Grateful but for Mommy...yawn. She gets sleepy just thinking about it.


Tommy's mommy said...


Excellent post! I know just what you are talking about. Another way you can get this spot, and I'm sure a few weeks ago you did this (if I remember your tummy sickness correctly).... is to get sick. Yep. Nobody wants to sleep with you. And you can find that nice comfy spot. :) Hilarious post. Made me smile! Thanks.

Eva and her 'rents said...

Oooh, I LOVE the middle of the bed!