Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Second Day of Big Boy School

Mommy caught me practicing in front of the mirror my good charms. I was practicing for the ladies in my class. Today is my second day of Big Boy School and I'm dressed to impressed.

Hey Ladies....How you doin'?
Mom! I've got to get it right! So many little time. I'm only in class two hours a day (three days a week) so practice makes perfect.
Too much?
Okay. I'll keep working on it.


Carolyn said...

Dylan, You sure are handsome in your big boy clothes. No kissing the girls.
Hugs to you Sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Dylan you've swept pixxie off her feet. she's just smitten!! Have fun at school big guy!!

Eva and her 'rents said...

D, you're totally a ladies man. You and your mama are too funny.

Tommy's mommy said...

We think you look PERFECT, good job practicing your smile and lookin' so sharp.