Wednesday, April 30, 2008

AMT in Action

Mommy has done it. She has been thinking (forever) about running races during her AMT (Anger Management Therapy Sessions...also known as running on her treadmill). Then it happened. A 10K run that would benefit Down syndrome Outreach literally fell into her lap. It's called the Human Race and she's running it. Proceeds from this race will go directly to The Arc of Whatcom County, of which, Down syndrome Outreach is one of its programs. So after a slight detour due to some heel pain and a terrible cold, she's back on her treadmill and her AMT has a mission. To get her ready for the 10K to be held on June 14th.

Go Mommy! If you want to sponsor Mommy and help Down syndrome Outreach, please send her an email at She'd love to answer any questions you may have. Thanks for your support and consideration.

I think Mommy's gonna have to hit up Daddy for some $$ for a new pair of running shoes. After this race, she's running an Iron Girl 10K in Seattle. Good thing she has a lot of things to think about while in her "therapy session"...

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Jayna Bean said...

From one runner to another...YEAH Anger Management Therapy! Where is the race at on June 14th?