Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ear Pop Anyone?

I have fluid behind my ears. This is not an ear infection but just means that the fact that I've been pulling at my ears is a sign that I might be a little bit uncomfortable from the pressure this fluid is creating.

The doctor's advice? I have an appointment next week with ENT for a hearing test so we'll let them check it out. If between now and then I have more symptoms of an infection (runny nose, etc) then I get to go see the doctor again. This time, I'll get antibiotics.

Mommy asked if I was in any pain and the doctor explained that the pressure would most likely feel like I need to pop my ears. You know. Like you're going up a hill and you need to pop your ears. That is how I feel. If things get worse, we'll go back. But until then, we wait for my appointment next week.

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Samantha Seholm said...

HI there I have never posted on your blog before but have read it often, I meet you at Treasury a while ago and am a friend of Amys.
I am sorry to hear about your sons ear troubles I know first hand all about this all three of my kiddos have had ear tubes in several times. My son who is 7 gets fluid in his middle ear and it just sits there(thats were the ear tubes come in) He does have a mild hearing loss when there is fluid in there. Hope all goes well at the ENT we have been there twice this last week so my son can get his ears vacumed out(sounds terriable but that what they have to do if they have tubes and get an infection and there is alot of fluid in there). Sorry for such a long comment:)