Monday, April 21, 2008

Medical Appointments

I have lots of medical appointments this month. Last week it was for my ears...I have fluid in my ears and so I'm on medication now to see if that will help. I also failed my hearing test but they are going to wait to see if it is related to the fluid in my ears before anyone gets concerned.

Today, I am heading down to Children's Hospital. I have to see how my heart is doing. It is a pretty routine appointment but they are going to see how the mitral valve is doing. It has a moderate leak and is getting worse. Hopefully, it's stopped. That would make Mommy very happy.

Then I have Speech Evaluations on Wednesday. Then I have a doctor's appointment and Mommy needs to reschedule my eye doctor appointment. Then I'm going to see my pediatrician....

Yep. Busy, busy, busy. Our travel bag is packed and the gas tank filled (that one hurt!). We leave after school today. It's off to see the cardiologist and then we are having dinner with Grandma and Grandpa! Grandma is making her vegetable lasagna...YUMMY!!!


Anonymous said...

you're in my thoughts Dylan..Hope all is well.

Tommy's mommy said...

Good luck Dylan! Tommy is having the mitral valve check up tomorrow at Children's. Enjoy that veggie lasagna!

Take care Gillig's!