Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Sick Daddy and Icky Ears

Daddy has been sick for over a week with a cold/flu virus. Last week he had a temperature and sore throat but now it's just a cough. He is doing much better with the exception of night-time coughing that is keeping Mommy up at night. To make things even more interesting, I've been Mr. Cranky-Pants the last few days and holding my ears. So Mommy made a doctor appointment for tomorrow to see if I have ear infections. There are no obvious signs of an infection other than my screaming and holding my ears.

Good times. Okay..maybe not. Hopefully, Daddy's night-time cough will go away soon and my ears are better soon. Mommy's prescription for a good nights rest is going to be filled soon.

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Ang said...

Feel Better Dylan and Ray!!