Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's a BAD hair day.

Mommy is mad. And she has a HUGE apology to make to her friend, Heather. Cause she's the one that normally cuts my hair. She's very good at it too. Heather has been very busy lately and so it's been tough trying to get me and Jonah in for haircuts. Mommy didn't want to inconvenience her friend but Daddy wanted our hair to look good for next week when we go visit family. That is what led to today's dilemma. And Mommy is in tears.

We decided to get a slight hair-trimming before we left for our trip. Jonah, Mommy, Daddy, and I went to a walk-in place and got hair cuts. Jonah looks great. Mommy....not so much. Her short hair is now incredibly short (more than she asked for but the woman wasn't paying attention) and to be upfront...It's short. Really short. It sticks up in all sorts of funny ways too. But it will grow so Mommy was upset but nothing bad. Just mostly embarrassed for not having enough patience to wait for her friend to cut it. She does a great job. Listens too.

Then Daddy decided he wanted Mommy to cut Dylan's hair rather than pay for anyone else to do it. Mommy was unsure from the beginning (she had flashbacks to a time when she was a kid and tried to cut her dogs hair....let's just say it ended badly). But Daddy convinced Mommy and a fancy set of clippers was purchased.

Mommy's flashback of a crappy doggy haircut became a living nightmare when she and Daddy attempted to cut my hair. It's bad. REALLY bad.


Mommy needs a tissue. I think those clippers are going into the trash.

Mommy and Daddy gave me a haircut. Mommy HATES it.
It's pretty bad. Okay, VERY bad.
How bad? See that chunk that got taken out in the back? Yep. BAD!

But at least I have my glasses on. This is my 5th pair (I got them today) and I haven't broken them yet. I guess that's something to celebrate.

Do you think Rogaine would help?


Heather said...

Heather is SOOOO sorry! :(

Anonymous said...

don't throw those clippers can do this Kristy..I learned to use the clippers and cut dragonboy and beloveds hair with them. As fast as Dylans hair grows it will be a blink before he needs a new trim.

Eva and her 'rents said...

Oh Kristy, I feel your pain over too short hair that sticks up all over the place. Yes, it'll grow, but not fast enough! *hugs*

Mighty Max! said...

You are both perhaps your short, short hair will show off that beauty even more! :)

Love you! Amy and Max

Carolyn said...

Kristy, I've been there and done that. But yes, it does grow back. Dylan, you are a cutie no matter how your hair looks. And your glasses look good, just be careful with them. Hope everyone enjoys your trip.
Carolyn in WV

JAYNA BEAN said...

I saw your hair this week and I thought it was adorable! If you want to talk bad haircuts, take a look a Jayna's mismatched, Ceasar bangs. I couldn't wait to make an appointment with Heather either...hmmm lesson learned?