Monday, May 05, 2008

New Accomplishment

I have a new accomplishment....and Mommy's not all that excited about it. I've learned how to crawl out of my crib. This is FANTASTIC for a kiddo who has low muscle tone like me. But it means that Mommy's has to help me transition to a big boy bed. And it's been tough. Really, really, really tough.

The first night, she let me cry it out until I fell asleep on the floor. I cried to midnight. It was HORRIBLE. Then, she moved me into my big boy bed (where I first started) and then went to bed herself. But then at 5am..I came in to the room (Daddy was out of town) and woke her up. I was SO HAPPY to get out of bed and was adamant that I did not want to go back to sleep. Even in Mommy and Daddy's bed. Nope. I'm a big boy now and I don't need to go back to bed if I don't want to. That was Saturday night.

Then last night, Mommy cuddled with me in my big boy bed until I fell asleep. Then she crawled out of my room and crawled into her bed. But then our puppy Elsa got sick at 1am and then at 4am I announced I was up again. Yep! I'm a big boy now and I want to stay up.

Okay, okay, okay. Mommy knows that crawling out of the crib is super. It's a big accomplishment if you think about it. I have low muscle tone (like most kiddos that have Down syndrome) and it also takes some serious planning on how I'm going to get up out of the crib. I crawl over the rails onto the dresser and VOILA! I'm a free man.

Mommy called Grandma asking for some advice on what to do. She really wanted me to sleep in my crib a little longer and they got creative on how they might keep me in there. They started getting a little silly and most of their suggestions were probably illegal. Thinks like caging the top so I couldn't climb over, serving up a little spiced apple juice....but if Mommy were to follow through with any of these, she'd probably end up in jail. That's where Daddy works and Mommy told Grandma as long as they had conjugal visits, she'd be alright with that. At least in jail you might get a full nights sleep.

Mommy is drinking coffee. That might be her next Grateful Grape. We haven't posted one in a while...thank God for coffee. Amen.


Lara, the Neurotic Att'y said...

A guy I used to work with had an escape artist son as well (it's always the boys!), and he ended up buying something called a crib tent. I think he ordered it online through Toys R Us. It was a soft mesh, so his son never got injured by it...but he never climbed out again either! Good luck with Dylan Houdini!

Carolyn said...

Oh Dylan, just don't hurt yourself trying to escape.
Carolyn in WV