Monday, June 09, 2008

Another Trip to the Hospital

Mommy had to make another trip to the hospital today. But it wasn't for me. It was for Daddy. Daddy has had a dull ache in his back for a couple of weeks. He originally had made an appointment with his doctor for later this week to get it checked out. But then this past weekend, he went to tie his shoe, and couldn't get up. Not only could he not get up, he couldn't walk, sit, roll-over, move his feet, control spasms in his right leg, etc. So after a night of trying to deal with his pain at home unsuccessfully, Mommy and Daddy made the decision to go see a doctor. Good thing too. He has an owie.

After an MRI, it was discovered that Daddy has herniated a disk in his lower back. He has to go see a neurosurgeon and get some steriod shots to see it will help ease the swelling around his spine. In the meantime, Daddy is drugged. Seriously. It would be funny if it wasn't because he was in so much pain. But Mommy has discovered a few things about Daddy during their trip to the hospital. It turns out Valium can put Daddy in the mood to REALLY love Mommy. If it weren't for the fact that he can't move, he'd be a little hard for her to resist. But now she knows that if Mommy is ever looking for love, apparently all she has to do is go to the pharmacy. She'll get lots of lovin' after that.

To make Mommy's trip with Daddy even more interesting was one of their hospital roommates. Let's just say the guy had an infection "Down Under" and his drugs made him crave Burger King Whoppers. Or it could be all the previous drugs he's experimented with over all the years. We're not really sure. But it was a WAY too much information for Mommy when the doctor came in to examine that guy. The guy kept saying he had to take care of his "boys" which were a variety of get the drift. Mommy really does have a whole new respect for doctors. What they have to put up with is short of amazing.

But there you have it. Please do keep Daddy in your prayers. He is in considerable amount of pain and truly is heavily drugged so Mommy has to keep a close eye on him. Hopefully, the steriod shots will work wonders and we can avoid any further problems or procedures. We are also hoping to avoid any further trips to the hospital.. Oh PoopBuckets. Mommy is one very busy gal right now.

One more thing....Thank you to Emily P (and family), Auntie Jodel, and Uncle Reed who came to Mommy's rescue to cover childcare while Mommy attended to Daddy. Thanks to Uncle Don who came to help the puppies out. She is very grateful to everyone for their help.


Eva and her 'rents said...

Our love to Ray for a speedy recovery and to Kristy for being Superwoman. Let me know if you need any help.

Ang said...

prayers to your family are one busy momma

JAYNA BEAN said...

valium...might have to pick some up!

Tommy's mommy said...

Oh Gillig family! You are all so busy. Kristy, I laughed so hard reading about Ray and his reaction to pain meds, too funny.

We need to talk sometime. About heart surgery, and other less important things. Much love to you! And your gang.