Thursday, June 05, 2008

Ear Tubes

Oh boy. We had yet ANOTHER hearing test scheduled for today. Before the test, I had to go see the ENT doctor who decided that the hearing test wouldn't be to my benefit. But ear-tubes would. So, instead of a hearing test I got a referral down to my favorite hospital to schedule another surgery.

We can't put in ear-tubes up here by my house because of my heart. They have to use anesthesia which is risky for me so our cardiologist wants to be around when they put in the tubes. It's not scheduled yet but we'll let you know when it is.

Ear-tubes are really common and aren't that big of a deal. It's just the surgery part that isn't so great for me. Any time that there is mention of anesthesia, that means I get to go to Children's Hospital in Seattle so they can monitor my heart. Hopefully, this step will improve my hearing. I do seem to have some sort of hearing loss according to my ENT but we can't tell how much because there is always fluid behind my ears.

It's off to see Children's Hospital.....think Grandma and Grandpa might spot us for a dinner?

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Anonymous said...

oh sweety you'll be in and out as fast as can be. And you'll notice a big difference too.

Dragonboy had tubes in his ears for 3 years.

Give mommy a hug for me..Can't wait to see you in 8 days!!!