Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer Vacation

Today was my last day of school. I AM OFFICIALLY ON SUMMER BREAK! Want to know how I celebrated this festive occasion? I got grounded. Actually, Jonah and I threw such major fits at the dinner table that after Mommy had made us Mac'n Cheese, Hot Dogs, Chicken, Peas, Rice, Yogurt, and we were still screaming, she put on our jammies and put us in bed. Early.

Yep. I got grounded. But the funny part about the last day of school is what happened in the classroom. When Mommy came to pick me up at school today, the teacher was waiting. She was VERY apologetic and when Mommy took a look at my face, she knew why. I came home with a scrape on my forehead and a little bit of a black eye. Nothing big and no one in the classroom knows what happened. According to my teacher, we did our circle time and when an aide turned to attend to another fellow classmate, she turned back around and saw I had hurt myself. Somehow. I didn't cry or anything. It really is no big deal but Mommy thought it was pretty funny. I certainly know how to make sure people won't forget me. I like my teacher and so I went the extra mile to make sure she remembered me for next year. Nothing more dramatic than that.

Welcome to summer break. A black eye and my first big punishment...straight to bed without finishing my dinner. Rock on.


Anonymous said...

well little bud I hope you are ungrounded saturday..I'm bringing the whole family and pixie is dying to see her boyfriends (hint hint that would be you and maxwell bud..but who knows she may fall in love with jonah too?)

AZ Chapman said...

too funny Dylan I got grounded my last day of school too,