Monday, August 25, 2008

1000th Post

It's hard to believe, but this is my 1000th post. Wow. 1000 posts....apparently I have a lot to say. I'm a busy kiddo and so if you look at it that way, there will be thousands more to come. I like to keep things interesting.

But I do have to apologize for the lack of posts lately. I have only one week left until school starts and a new therapy schedule so I'm making the most of whats left of my summer. Also, Daddy has been home for a few days which is also very nice. There has been lots of making up for lost time. He's been so busy and so we took advantage of having him home. I got lots of cuddles in.

I am healing just great from my surgery. I've decided that things can get pretty darn loud at my house. For example, the vacuum cleaner. I used to be able to sleep away when Mommy vacuumed but now I cover my ears. That loud of a noise can kind of hurt. But there has been some advantages to my hearing improvements. Although I'm not talking yet, I have started articulating the words I can say much better. For example, 'ball' and 'daddy' are lots clearer. I am also starting to say "ack oooo" for Thank You. It's a start and Mommy is very proud and excited. Another one is "sss" for Please. Hopefully this is a sign of great speaking improvements over this next year.

Jonah has had some major break throughs also. He is a talking maniac! Most of the time, he's just making up jibber jabber but then throws in a word. Most of the time, it's at the end of a sentence. He's also become obsessed with the phone. He tries all kinds of techniques to get to Mommy's phone. He's had a few successes and ultimately that means some of Mommys friends and family have gotten some pretty strange calls. Most of the time, he calls Grandma and Grandpa. They know that if there is giggling at the other end of the line when they answer a phone call but no talking, it's just Jonah. Mommy tends to catch him pretty quickly but he's getting sneaky. If he does get the phone, now he goes into his closet and closes the door so he can make his calls in private.

As for Mommy, she's just down right overwhelmed with work. She is putting together a calendar, hosting a concert featuring Chris Burke, and organizing a Buddy Walk. All this happens at the end of September. She'll be mightly glad when November rolls around. Daddy is still busy with the Navy and work. He will be gone for a couple of weeks in September and then gets his full promotion in mid-September. Then things should get back to normal.

So there you have it. My 1000th post! I also promise pictures very soon. Mommy has been a slacker with the camera lately but I'll make sure to do something cute to inspire a photoshoot.


Tommy's mommy said...

Yippee Dylan, 1000th post! Our family would be so lost without all your insight, information and just plain hilarious posts.

We would LOVE to help out with the Buddy Walk. Keep us in mind for stuff to do for that.

Oh, and my mommy doesn't mind telling you that the place in the mall that uses offensive language is BC Surfshop. Grrr.

Glad to hear the eartubes are working and Dylan is feeling well. And Jonah is starting to jibber jabber and talk.

Take care Gillig's.

Anonymous said...

congratulations on your 1000 post..i'm so glad you are having fun this summer and you and daddy have had some bonding time..and i'm more than elated that your hearing and speaking is improving

amy and mighty max said...

yay on the surgery recovery and the hearing/communication progress! i am so sorry i haven't asked about it...but so excited to hear things are going well! yay, yay, yay!!!!

love to all of you!

Carolyn said...

Oh Dylan, I'm soooooo glad you are able to hear better and I know the communications will come. And Congrats on your 1000 post. You and your family have really been busy and enjoying the last part of summer.
Hugs to the G family,
Carolyn in WV