Saturday, August 30, 2008

Busy, Busy Mommy!

Here is what Mommy got accomplished today:

1. She put up the new border in my bedroom (not easy with two toddlers trying to tear it down every 5 minutes),

2. Laundry,

3. Mowed the grass (this takes two hours),

4. Baked Muffins,

5. Rearranged, sorted, and organized our toys which included a bunch to go to charity,

6. Weeded a flower bed,

7. Rearranged Jonah's room to get it ready for painting and his soon-to-be big boy bed,


8. Cleaned, organized, and sorted all the clothes for Jonah and I (in my closet) putting aside a whole bunch to also go to charity.

Phew. Above is the picture of how my room is turning out. It's almost done and if I don't say so myself, Mommy is doing pretty darn good. It's a John Deere Tractor theme. What's next on her agenda? Doing her toenails and reading a book. Or maybe just an early bedtime. Probably reading in bed...the toenails can wait.


Anonymous said...

mom sounds exhausted...hope mom found a good book and got a good nights sleep

Mary said...

Dylan, You have an amazing Mother! They is nothing she can't to.

Carolyn said...

Dylan, I love, love, love your room. I love your whole family and Kristy, don't forget to take time for yourself. You made me tired.
Hugs to Kristy,
Carolyn in WV