Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sniff, Sniff...Uh, Oh!

When you read the title, I bet you were not thinking what this is really about. It's not about another smelly, poopy episode (which are always fun). Nope. I have a cold. Mommy and Jonah do too. This is bad. I'm supposed to have surgery next week for my ears and a cold is bad. It would delay my surgery and my ears hurt! I don't want to wait anymore.

So a self-imposed isolation is happening here! Don't come a 'knockin if you have the sniffles please until the end of next week. I really want to be well for this surgery just so I can get it out of the way. It is long overdue and my ears are under a lot of pressure. We'll know by Thursday or Friday if this cold will make us reschedule the surgery. Until then, there's lots to do around the house and our yard...

Sniff, Sniff. Where's the kleenex Mom?


Mary said...

Sweet Dylan, I hope that you are well enough for your surgery and that all goes well.

Carolyn said...

Oh Dylan, I hope you and your family is feeling better soon. Please tell Mommy to keep us updated.
Carolyn in WV