Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Super Duper!

Mommy says I'm a champ. I had my surgery and did so well that I got to leave after a few hours. They had thought I would be in the hospital all day but I was flirting so much and being such a good patient that they said I could go! Hooray! Things went much better than anyone had predicted.

So my ear tubes are in and we'll see how much it helps. Mommy says she's pretty sure that I will feel lots better very soon. According to the doctor, there was a lot of mucous behind my ears. A lot more than he had anticipated. So I should feel immediate relief!

Thanks for thinking and praying for me. I did SUPER DUPER! Now I'm off to play with Uncle Joe and Grandma & Grandpa. I'm doing great!


amy and mighty max said...

woo hoo! so happy to hear the good news! thanks for sharing and congratulations!

Tommy's mommy said...

Hooray Dylan! Glad to hear all that yukky stuff is gone. Hope you get a chance to hear your mommy play a song real soon. Loves to the Gillig gang!

Carolyn said...

Way To Go SUPER DUPER DYLAN !! I'm glad every thing went well and you'll feel lots better. About the flirting, how about sending some this way. You are a sweetie !!
Carolyn in WV

Anonymous said...

Congrats Dylan..I hope to hear from you and mommy that you are doing awesome...Momma needs to watch you..Cause when you start hearing things you haven't heard before she's gonna have some 'esplainen to do..Your face is gonna light up!

Eva and her 'rents said...

Yay, Dylan!! Love to you all.