Thursday, September 04, 2008

What Do You Look for in a President?

Ok. Mommy is going to start a Presidential debate. But before we do, check out Mommy's favorite part of Gov. Palin's speech last night. TOO Cute.

Mommy has not made a full decision about who to vote for President. Mommy is uncertain of McCain (he's 73) and as equally unsure of Obama (all talk, fanfare, and no action). So it's the VP's she's looking at. She likes Palin for many reasons. One of them is schools. Since her election to Gov for Alaska, Palin has fully reformed that states education program and funding. By doing so, she's increased her state's school budgets to support special needs students by 175%.

Mommy also likes Biden. He is a very big advocate for Law Enforcement and that's important to Mommy too. He was one of the leaders who spearheaded a new law to make sure disabled or officer killed in the line of duty (and their families) are to be taken care of.

So here's Mommy's question to all of you. Who will you vote for and why? What issue is most important to you? Mommy put in two issues she looks at: Schools and Supporting Law Enforcement.

Happy Debating.

PS. Thanks for sharing.


Lara, the Neurotic Att'y said...

You know Trig is going to watch that some day and say, "Um, did you just...did my hair?" Too funny.

Kelly said...

You have no idea how lucky your mommy is.
I live here as an ex-pat Canadian and Will was born here. I love the McCain Palin ticket...but am not allowed to vote!!

amy and mighty max said...

That is the cutest lil' segment...I just loved her speech and I am also torn like you. Hmmm...I have a feeling I am leaning though...

attackunicorn said...

Hi Kristy, it's Corinna (from work)

I thought what you wrote was really interesting, and searching the web I found this. Hopefully I'll find another link on the other guy to balance out the views, but I haven't yet (being on a college campus, all my friends are liberal and finding critiques on Democrats are harder to find).

Good luck deciding! :-) See you Tuesday.

Molly said...

I cannot vote cause im in Canada, I dont know the other VP but I know about Palin, so I can share little about her. First Ive heard of her, when her water broke and she flew in labour back to AK. That sparked a huge debate, how irresponsible her actions are (flying in labor, knowing the baby has DS, Id surely stay close to ground and hospital) but then again, more rumours appeared that baby Trig was her daughter's, that would explain a lot. But who knows at this point.

I furthermore don't like her global warming approach. I think that the US needs someone who will be very aggressive putting the planet's welfare about the money. I am very involved in organization trying to save Polar bears so people like hers are really not on the same side. And drilling in the national parks and destroying the natural beauty and habitat of endangered species is not helping neither.

next is her policy of owning guns. But there are so many misuses, people shooting other people in malls and schools, cause they have free access. I would like her to see more concentrating on tougher sentences, and preventing misuse. I definitely dont want to see my child or children killed in their own school only because someone else had no problems accessing the guns.

What I like about her is the pro-life. That's very important, as anyone dealing with infertility can confirm, its so frustrating to see someone who gets pregnant without problems and doesnt want teh baby, chooses to kill the baby instead of putting it up for adoption. Ive heard of a case when someone in 7th mos had abortion and the doctors had to kill perfectly healthy baby cuase mother didnt want it. So hopefully she could do some education in that area.

I also think that she can do a lot in the Down syndrome area. Its very common people who have special people in their lifes take up the causes and they have more power to change the world then we do.

Sorry I cannot help with the other person but I hope that this is enough

Dylan is gorgeous, i love the pictures you shared at hs school !!!

Molly said...

Just one more thing: i agree about obama, lots of fanfare and no action. I dont even know about his program other that hes black and making history but thats probably not enough. I think he made a huge mistake not to take Hillary with him (women power) I think that will cost him the spot

Cynthia said...

The Wall Street Journal, a national newspaper with a conservative viewpoint, had an excellent article today ( on whether Gov. Palin's statement of support for special needs children and their parents would be backed up by other Republicans in power. The article stated that her support runs counter to the "...Bush administration measure that would trim Medicaid funding for community services for people with disabilities. Democrats have so far stalled the cuts..." (Wall Street Journal, Sept. 8, 2008).

I have been reading Dylan's blog, and Max's, for several years, and am so much better informed now about the daily challenges faced by special needs children and their parents. It is thrilling to see how far these two little boys have come, thanks to their parents' dedication and advocacy for them, excellent local programs here in Bellingham, and the support of family, friends, and all of us who read their blogs and keep Dylan and Max in our thoughts and prayers.

I am 100% in support of increased funding at the local, state, and federal level to help Dylan, Max, and all special needs children reach their full potential. However, at age 61, I've voted in a lot of elections, and know that funding for such causes is much more likely to come from the Democrats, not the Republicans.

I watched both conventions straight through, and now read not only the Obama/Biden website daily, but also John McCain's and Sarah Palin's, as well as a wide range of media online, from the New York Times to the Wall Street Journal and Fox News. I am trying to understand the diverse points of view that are all too often stridently expressed. I'm glad there are blogs like this one where we can share our thoughts, despite our differences.