Thursday, October 23, 2008

Great Report

Mommy is very proud of me. She got a fantastic email from my Speech Language Pathologist from school today and it really made our day. Here it is:

Dylan had an AMAZING day today and I wanted to share that with you. He has been awing me lately with how verbal he has become. I'm sure you have seen this at home for some time - but it's relatively new in the class.

Today I brought out some bubbles and Dylan got so excited, loudly shouting "bubble". He verbalized throughout the entire activity - most understandable given the context (eg., ep/help, ee/please), but chattered constantly. He told me "on" to direct my behavior, followed all directions I gave him involving actions and animals (we made animals jump, sleep, fall, etc...), and also signed along with the verbal. Cheryl also told me that he answered two "who?" questions related to a picture. How awesome is that!?!

The other piece - although not related to communication - he was absolutely darling today. Greeted me with the biggest smile and warmest hug...sigh. :) He is so genuinely happy that he is just a joy to work/play with.

Mommy has to admit, she sincerely struggles with my lack of vocal skills. It seems that even among my peers (aka other kiddos in my class with Down syndrome) that I am far behind in talking. Mommy completely understands that you shouldn't compare, etc., etc., etc....but she can't help it. Many tears have been shed over how frustrated we all get when I want to communicate something to her, but just can't. Yep. Many, many, many sad tears.

Over the last few weeks, Mommy has noticed that I am making huge progress in my language skills. She's sure it is from the benefits of having the ear surgery this past summer, but she wasn't sure if others were noticing. Admittedly, my words are not clear. For example, to say please comes out as "ee" or more it "oh". Help and Up both sound like "PP". But for someone else to notice, sincerely felt good.

So today, it was tears of joy, not the usual tears of sadness. I'm making progress. Finally.


Anonymous said...

congratulations dylan...wtg!!!

Eva and her 'rents said...

I picked up Eva this week and Dylan came right up to me, grinning, and hugged me. I don't recall what he said (sorry) but I remember thinking "Wow! I totally understood that!" His progress is apparent and REALLY exciting!

amy and mighty max said...

so happy for the great news! don't you just love the slp? she is so dedicated and enthusiastic about all our her!

Mary said...

Praise God!

Carolyn said...

Oh Sweet Dylan and Kristy, I have tears of joy streaming down my cheeks. Good job buddy. You will do all things, it will be just when you are ready and that's OK.
{{{Hugs}}} to Dylan and Kristy,
Carolyn in WV

Gretchen said...

Woo hoo! Go Dylan go! (And you too, Kristy and Ray, you've worked really hard for this.)

JAYNA BEAN said...

Oh...we are so thankful that you had tears of joy!!!