Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Presidential Positions on Disability-related Issues.

One of the Trisomy 21 boards that Mommy read occasionally has a gal who posted this website about the Presidential Debate and their views/plan for individuals with disabilities. Click HERE!

This particular board has been having their own presidential debate and so the person who posted this has done so with a bi-partisan viewpoint. It's pretty extensive and includes other points of reference, blog viewpoints, and other websites. It's fascinating and highly informative.

Here is the official description:

2008 Presidential Candidate Positions on Disability-related Issues
Prepared by the Ohio Legal Rights Service, September 2008

This side-by-side comparison of the candidates' positions on disability-related issues is based on information found on the candidates' Web sites, the candidates' Senatorial Web sites and supplemented by other sources. OLRS neither supports nor opposes any political party or candidate for office. Information provided on this page is strictly for educational purposes only.

Thanks J for sharing this!


amy and mighty max said...

really interesting side by side. thanks for sharing kristy. of course one candidate looks particularly strong on disability issues...but we also have to be realistic with our promises. someone can promise the world...but how will our country afford the millions of new programs and the billions of additional funding promised?

just a thought. i'm leaning one way but still questioning.

JAYNA BEAN said...

This was exactly what I was looking for and I posted it on Jayna's site. It kills me that so many of Jayna's "supporters" don't actually support her at the ballot box. I hope this enlightens some people. Our chances of getting additional funding for people with disabilities is far greater with Obama.