Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ring,, Ring...Dylan's School Calling

Yep. Mommy got a call from the school yesterday. The teacher said I was acting lethargic and felt warm. So Mommy left work to come get me. She went back to work for some meetings but then starting feeling achy when she got home. Yep. She has a pretty big fever and slept in her bed with a pair of sweats, a sweatshirt, a down comforter, a regular comforter, and wool socks. How sick was she? Daddy slept in Jonah's bed. That's not a good sign.

This morning I seem to be fine but to be safe, Mommy kept me home from school today. Maybe I can take care of her and we can cuddle under the blankets together.

Ugh. This cold/flu thing is really getting old. Does anyone else seem to have this bug and it just won't go away?


Carolyn said...

Oh no, that flu bug just won't leave. I hope everyone is feeling better soon.
Carolyn in WV

Mary said...

Hope you are both well soon.

George and I have had sinus drainage for two weeks and cough for hours each night.