Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I'm sick. I have a fever, a runny nose, a bad cough that makes me throw up, and gunky eyes. But considering all this, Mommy says my spirits are actually pretty good. But she's a more than a little sleep-deprived so I wouldn't take her word for it.

I got a runny nose a couple of days ago and then it just spiraled down last night. Mommy was up at 3am this morning debating with Daddy about taking me to the ER. I was listless, coughing a really icky cough, and threw up after several coughing sessions. They decided to wait and the tylenol did help but Mommy has been up since 2am and Daddy ended up calling in sick to work to help out. Jonah is fine but he woke up with all the commotion last night so you can say it would have been pretty difficult for Mommy by herself today. But after a rough night, Mommy took me to the doctor and my lungs actually sound pretty good. It appears I have a bad virus but it was decided to just let it run its course. Most likely, I'll miss the whole week of school.

Mommy has received several inquiries about the Buddy Walk that happened last Saturday. Now you know why the delay. It's me. But she does want everyone to know it was FABULOUS! The weather report was for a full-on downpour but wouldn't you know, it didn't rain until after we got home. Then it really was a rainy storm.....just as predicted but delayed which worked out great.

The walk was well attended (Mommy is still tallying but it looks to be over 450 so far). We had face painting, a balloon artist, lots of music, and even had a food drive. The mayor and county executive made speeches, Mommy spoke, and so did a couple of self-advocates who were fantastic. Ironically, Mommy was in charge so she was too busy to take pictures. She has a few friends who did bring their cameras so we'll hopefully get some soon.

My team was great! Grandma and Grandpa came up from Seattle and Grammy was there too. My friends, the P family, was there along with Auntie Jen and Uncle Don. My buddy Max, Mommy's friend Corrina, and some friends from Daddy's work showed up too...it was awesome. The Buddy Walk course was changed a little bit this year for some of my friends with electric wheelchairs and so Mommy and I led the entire walk! It was great!

After the walk, we had music, prizes, and a local celebrity, Greg Otterholt sang music for us. It was pretty windy and it was threatening to rain so then we packed up and headed home.

Jonah and I got to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa all weekend who were SUPER! Mommy says thank you Grandma and Grandpa for all your help this weekend. They made us dinner, helped with us kiddos while Mommy worked, and even put in some trim. We love you and appreciate you.

So there you have it. A slightly delayed update. We promise to post pictures when we can. If you want, go to my friend Tommy and Max's sites. They have some great pictures up already.
(PS. Thank you Sandi and Amy for everything.....Mommy loves you both. And GET BETTER SOON HANNAH!)


Tommy's mommy said...

Get better Dylan! It sounds like a yucky virus. Hope the Gillig family can find some rest and hope everyone is better soon.

sarah and the troops said...

Oh Mr. Dylan, you get better soon. So sorry to hear that you are sick, and tell Mommy to take a little break too! She so..........deserves it! Congrats on the Buddy Walk!! We all wish we could have been there, and we talked about you lots that day. Love to you all. Hugs and Kisses too!

Carolyn said...

Dyaln Sweetie, I hope you are feeling better. And you and Mommy leading the walk, how cool is that!! Kristy, congrats on all your hard work for the Buddy Walk.
Carolyn in WV