Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fat Lip

My little brother is a wild kid. He leads with his head...literally. When he runs, he is leaning forward and when he gets excited, his head just points in the direction he wants to go and takes off.

It's very cute to watch but occasionally it gets him in trouble. He often bumps his forehead or trips and falls down. This is just what happened the other morning when he jumped off the couch. He led the way with his head, tripped over a pillow, and BAM! Hit a table with his lip. Subsequently, he split it and almost made a trip to the ER. Mommy was worried when it wouldn't stop bleeding. So you know what she did? Rather than panic, she set the kitchen timer for 10 minutes. If it hadn't stopped bleeding by then, she'd call Daddy at work and then load us up for what looked like stitches. Fortunately, it stopped bleeding at 7 minutes 32 seconds. It's a very accurate timer.

His lip was HUGE for a few days. Silly kiddo. He was a drooling maniac too. Oh, Little Brother. You're gonna give Mommy more sleepless nights, I just know it. We have pictures and will post soon. Pinky swear.


Anonymous said...

Be Safe Jonah..Momma doesn't want to have to put a football helmet on you this early.

Carolyn said...

Dylan, how about giving Jonah a hug for me. Hope he's feeling better.
Carolyn in WV