Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Shed Be Gone

Mommy HATES this shed. It came with our house and Mommy hated it then and she hates even more now. It is a complete eyesore to her. One that when you drive down the road to our house, it is the very first thing that you see. Coming home to see that everyday drives her NUTS. She hates it. Oh, wait. I already said that...but its true.

Uncle Ronny says he wants it...so please, please, please, PLEASE come get it. She'll even bake you cookies. Ever hear of that commercial, 'Calgon, Take Me Away'? Well, this shed is crying out for Uncle Ronny. Mommy is too. She's begging you, Uncle Ronny. Take this shed. The cookies too. Then maybe Mommy can have a Calgon moment. Until then, she still hates driving down the driveway. Yuck.

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