Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Water Boy

Yesterday, Mommy was busy outside getting our family snowmobiles ready. We are selling them to make room for a camper. Mommy had unloaded the sleds from the trailer, started them up, and ran them for a while. We had some people coming to look at them so she wanted to be sure that they started right up when they got here. It had been a while since they had been started so it was necessary. My little brother was supposed to be helping but would you know, he got a bit distracted. He LOVES the water. It could be water in the bath, water in the pool, the toilet, the dog bowl, or as demonstrated...outside. He loves to play in water. Here are some pictures:


Carolyn said...

Jonah, I hope you had boots on. And where is Mr. Dylan. Kristy, I hope the snowmobiles started for you.
Carolyn in WV

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh Jonah...Don't let a whale come up in the water and get you!