Friday, December 05, 2008

Rough Days

Despite the new car, which is 'special tools and all....Mommy has had a few really rough days. You've already read that she canceled the Mommy's Night Out. Mommy's feeling overwhelmed here in Toddler Land (otherwise known as Jonah and Dylan's house of humongous temper tantrums). Yep. Toddler Land has been very active the past few days. For example, the embarrassment of Jonah's huge temper tantrum yesterday as she tried to keep him quiet during my therapy sessions (OT and SLP). She ended up calling Daddy at the car dealership to come pick him up after she literally locked him in the car. He had kicked, hit, broke a bracelet of hers, and screamed so loud, people were looking around to see what the emergency was. As you can imagine, that can be quite distracting during therapy.

Today, I had the same meltdown except I threw an even better one. Good thing our doctor and pharmacists are so understanding. She ended up holding me down with her legs and arms to keep me from biting, hitting, and kicking her. IF she let go, I'd try to tear down Christmas decorations or bang hard on the fish tank. So she literally spent the whole hour at the doctors keeping me locked down like a straight jacket.

We can be really good kids. Promise. Just not today. Not yesterday. And not tonight. Mommy's just not having a good day.


Ang said...

Come on Dylan you can be a good boy.

Hugs for mommy

Mary said...

Dylan, I wish I lived near-by and could help your mother. No one can ever appreciate all a mother does until she becomes a mother too.

amy and mighty max said...

so sorry my friend...sounds like you have had quite the weekend. hope you find relief soon!

love you!

Carolyn said...

Dylan, I wish I lived closer so I could give your Mommy a hand with you and Jonah. I love playing cars.
Carolyn in WV

Gretchen said...

Hey Kristy,
Yuk. What a crummy few days, huh? I hope that things are getting better (at least there's school tomorrow!) Anything I can do?