Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snowed In

We got more snow last night and the wind really blew the snow around. In fact, it blew a big snow drift onto our gravel driveway which is kind of long and right next to a field. Overall, it's hard to tell exactly how much snow we've gotten over the last few days because it is all in snow drifts but it seems to be at least a foot. Daddy was able to get out this morning in the truck (4x4) so he could get to work but we're stuck. Yep. We tried going to church this morning but couldn't get up that silly driveway.

Mommy says it's kind of fun being snowed in. She's feeling lazy (it might have something to do with her lack of sleep thanks again to me) so she's thinking we'll spend the day indoors making cookies. If we take a nap, Mommy says she will take us out sledding later this afternoon. I don't know what sledding is but that sure does sound like fun. Of course, I might be too excited to take a nap....

Here are some pictures from this morning. You can see we are making the best of our time inside.

Mommy put up a tent inside for us. Our neighbor gave this to us and we have had so much fun with it. I like knocking it down but Jonah sure enjoys climbing in it and singing to himself. Very cute.

Toys, Toys, Toys. This is a 'clean' shot of how the living room looks. If you saw it right now, you'd be surprised and Mommy's friends would even question her sanity....she can be a bit of a neat freak.

Jack wanted to check out the snow. This is where Mommy tried to get out....

Here is an example of the snow drifts. This small tree is trunkless.

Oh LOOK!~ It's snowing right now!
Sledding, here we come!


Anonymous said...

Stay warm and safe...Please..Have fun outside but don't stay out too long because of the windchill...Listen to me being worry wart..

i miss you guys..Hope you have wonderful Merry Christmas

Carolyn said...

You boys are having way to much fun. Wish I could go sled riding with you. We have had lots of wind and are expecting snow tonight. Stay warm.
Blowing snow kisses your way,
Carolyn in WV