Thursday, January 29, 2009


Sniffle. Sneeze. Yep. Germs are back in the Gillig household. It is actually Mommy's fault this time. She came down with a pretty bad cold last weekend. Jonah had a runny nose but it cleared up pretty quickly. But while Jonah got better fast, Mommy got worse. She played concerts this last weekend on her oboe and she thinks that contributed to making the cold a serious sinus infection. In fact, last night was so bad for her that Daddy decided to stay home. She had a headache that hurt so much it made her sick to her stomach. She's never had that happen before.

It's a good thing Daddy decided to stay home. Cause I woke up with a runny nose today. It's bad enought that I get to stay home from school and not go to any of my therapy appointments. Hopefully, I will be like Jonah and get over this quickly. Mommy is going to call the doctor for herself.

Pull out the kleenex! It got dusty after being illness free for over a month! Now that is something to celebrate.


Carolyn said...

Oh no, sending "germ free" vibes your way. Kristy, I hope you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

wish there was a way to make cybersoup and send it to loved ones..

hope the family is on the mend soon..

hugs and get well!

Tommy's mommy said...

We hope your family feels better soon! We know your pain :) I just cannot wait until spring and the end of these winter time colds and yukky-ness. Take care Gillig's!