Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Individual Educational Plan (aka IEP) Scheduled

I can't believe I've been in big boy school almost a whole year now! Mommy was shocked to learn that it's almost been a year and that means a new Individualized Education Plan (IEP) will be put into place with my school. I LOVE my big boy school and during my year there, I've made some pretty fantastic progress. Mommy had made wearing my glasses a part of my IEP last year and despite a small hiccup last week when I broke my 20th pair, I've actually been wearing them. This little success is mostly due to the diligence of my school teacher and aides. A

Another big success is following directions. Bet many of you don't know this but I can now put away my sippy cup after I'm finished drinking it and I put my dirty clothes in the hamper without even being asked. I have mastered following one-part directions and Mommy noticed that I'm starting to follow two-part directions as well...I just sometimes get a little distracted and need some guidance.

Now Mommy is wondering what kinds of goals should Mommy be looking for in the next year or so. She wants to set practible, obtainable goals that are challenging yet not too simplistic. Goals that mean something or will help me in everyday life. For example, next year should I be able to get dressed by myself (minus buttons)? Put on my own shoes (velcro tops)? What about being able to differentiate a fruit from a vegetable and properly enunciate the words for them?

My meeting will be coming up in March. Until then, Mommy has lots to think about.

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