Monday, February 23, 2009


My little brother is funny. He has learned how to put on a specific pair of rain boots and now he won't take them off. He wears them to church, he wears them to eat, and he even tries to wear them to bath time. He gets REALLY mad when you take them off for bedtime! Mommy is going to try and get a picture soon. Jonah really does have good taste. These rain boots are special. They are blue and red with lizards and bugs on them.

It's very cute that he is so attached to these boots. Love you little brother.


Meril said...

My nephew will be 6 in May and it is only with serious bribery and threat of bodily harm that he will agree to wear anything except his zip-up footie sleepers. This has been his whole life. The latest compromise is that he will wear other clothes over top. I wonder what kindergarten thinks of this?

Gretchen said...

And they ARE the cutest boots I've ever seen!! Do you think they come in adult sizes???