Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jonah's Boots Pt. 2

With much pomp and circumstance, Mommy got Jonah's boots off for his bath. She then took pictures of the boots while Jonah and I got clean then as soon as Jonah was out of the tub and dressed, you'll see that the boots were put right back on. It is super cute...well, except the times that he throws major fits because its bed time and he needs to take them off (Mommy's rules). Jonah sure loves them boots.

The boots during bath time.

Boot one on!

Working on boot number 2.

Mission Accomplished.
(And yes, they are on the wrong feet.
Mommy thinks this is "adorable")


Anonymous said...

i agree

AZ Chapman said...

too cute

Carolyn said...

Cool looking boots, Jonah I can see why you want to wear them all the time.

Mary said...

If I had cute boots like that, I wouldn't want to take them off! With all that snow a boy should to keep his boots on just in case he needs to go outside quickly. LOL