Sunday, April 26, 2009


Friday night was EXCITING! We have new additions to our household. Let me rephrase that, we have new additions to our household for 8 weeks. Our kitty had kittens Friday night. We were bad owners and delayed on getting her 'fixed'. All of a sudden, our cat disappeared. She was gone for 3 weeks and when she got back, she was skin and bones. Mommy made an arrangement to get her fixed when we noticed that she was gaining back weight nicely. Okay, a little too nicely. That is when we figured it out. Our cat did have quite the adventure while she was gone. Way more exciting than we originally thought.

Friday night, Mommy had a rehearsal and when she got home, us kiddos were in bed. Daddy was out working in the garage so she went into the office to look up some stuff on the computer. Then she heard "FLOP, FLOP.....mew". The kittens were making their debut. Right there in the office and Mommy got to watch the whole thing. Daddy came in to and saw the three other kittens being born. It was pretty amazing really.

Four beautiful new kitty's. All with pre-arranged new homes and with an appointment set for the new Mama to get snippy-snipped. But for the next eight weeks, it will be fun. Oh, by the way, our other cat is also expecting. There is a very happy tom-cat somewhere around here and we suspect he's a calico. Once she delivers, that one gets the snip too.


Anonymous said...

they are absolutely adorable..and if they weren't taken I'd scoop one

Tommy's mommy said...

Too cute! Oh how I want one. But I can hear Colin saying no in the back of my head. Enjoy them little cuties!

sarah and the troops said...

Oh how I wish we could come and hold them. Sam would be beside herself. Congrats on your fun little additions. What do the boys think. Love to you all!

skeybunny said...

Cute kitties! The daddy cat isn't a calico though (male calico cats are sterile).

Carolyn said...

How cute !!! Dylan and Jonah, are you playing with the kitties? Be gentl with them.
Carolyn in WV