Sunday, May 17, 2009

Eye Glasses Saga Continues

I like my glasses much better these days. I actually put them on myself sometimes which made Mommy cry the first time she saw that. My eye glasses have caused much stress and drama over the last two years so what a relief to see that I actually want to wear them sometimes.

But with that said, I do have a little problem. When I am DONE (!!!) wearing the glasses, I don't just take them off. I get creative. I think my glasses are my personal gumby toy or something to toss around. Just the other day, I tossed one pair (yes, we have multiple pairs for good reason) out the car and Mommy ran over them. They are toast and Mommy tried to take a picture of that pair to share but the pictures really don't do the damage done justice.

I was officially down to my last pair yesterday when I was DONE. Mommy forgot to warn the babysitter (Mommy has concerts this weekend) about my bad glasses habit and before she knew it, the glasses were missing. Mommy found them later that pieces.

Monday morning means another trip to our favorite glasses shop. They know us by car. All Mommy has to do is pull up and they know whose coming. Ugh. At least they serve coffee there while we go over the damage done. Mommy likes that.

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Anonymous said...

oh my gosh..

We taught bugaboo a saying for her glasses: When not on your face they go in your case.

Here's hoping mommy and daddy's pocket book doesn't deplete!