Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Grandpa's In Trouble!

Mommy wants is on the record that she did NOT teach Jonah his famous new phrase. She ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, WITHOUT A DOUBT had nothing to do with it. It's Grandpa's fault. He taught Jonah a new phrase that he thought would be funny and embarrassing to my Mommy. He was right. Jonah's new phrase caused quite a stir today at the grocery store.

Let me explain.

I was at school so it was just Jonah and Mommy. They went to the grocery store to buy milk and some potatoes. They happened to be passing an older, yet very nice lady, who said hello to my little brother who was proudly sitting in one of those grocery carts that looks like a car. He was beeping, honking, and then when this woman encouraged him to talk to her...he said it. Actually, he screamed it.


Yep. That is the phrase. The woman was so shocked that at first she just got this funny look on her face while Mommy turned beet red. Some beer guys next to us started laughing so loudly that Jonah did it again.


If Mommy could turn any redder, it would have been an all-time record. So what happened next? The nice lady started laughing so hard her eyes were watering and she almost peed her pants. She looked at Mommy in between hysterical laughs and that is when Mommy replied, "My dad is a Marine, my husband is a Sailor. I was doomed from the start". That of course got the beer guys rolling who then started high-fiving Jonah, the lady (if possible) started laughing harder, and pretty soon the whole store was in on it.

Yep. All of Haggen's was soon giving Jonah high-fives and "CHUGGA LUGGA BEER" is now a famous phrase. Mommy could not get out of there fast enough.

Grandpa. I should warn you that Mommy is going to find a way to get even with you. Seriously.


amy and mighty max said...

that is hilarious!

Carolyn said...

Too funny !!!

Samantha Seholm said...

That is so funny:)