Saturday, May 09, 2009

A Wild Weekly Recap

We had a crazy week. This week is actually a long story but to give you an idea about things, I decided to give you a brief recap. Hope you're sitting down...

Jonah: Mommy taught Jonah a bad word. Yep. She really did. She had been having a rough week and when Jonah threw his fourth tantrum by 8 am while Mommy was running around trying to get me dressed and stubbed her toe, she let it slip. It was said with such conviction that it is now his favorite word of the week. If you see Jonah and he says something that sounds like "darn it"....well, blame Mommy. It is her fault.

Me: I also have a new word. Actually, lots of them. Over the last few months, my vocabulary has taken off. I'm hard to understand but I can say things such as:

no (that's my favorite)
my classmates Cooper, Eva, and Max
Wild Wild West (my favorite Elmo Movie)
and much, much, more

Both my speech therapists are amazed (and Mommy too) at my progress over the last few months. For one reason or another, I decided to attempt talking and it seemed to catch everyones attention so now I'm putting more effort into it. Very good.

Mommy and Daddy: Mommy's been crazy busy trying to keep us kiddos quiet while Daddy sleeps during the day. Daddy is working graveyards and we have been out and about during the mornings to keep the house quiet. Plus, you'll see from the other reports, Mommy is super busy these days...

Daddy also worked with Grandpa earlier this week on the tent trailer and we are planning on going out very soon to test things out. We plan on going to the beach for an overnight within the next week or so.

Mommy has also been attending Foster Care classes this week. There is a family at church that fosters small children and Mommy originally was interested in providing respite for this particular family who has a 3 month old in their care while they go on summer vacation. But after the classes and learning more, we might provide more care following that. We'll see. Mommy is almost completed with the courses, paperwork, and getting the house ready for an inspection.

Jack: Our dog, Jack, got very sick this week. He was rushed to the vet who kept him for most of the week and then performed surgery to remove a bread clip from his tummy. The bread clip tore threw his smaller intestines which then spilled his stomach contents into his body cavity which was not good. The surgery was a success and Jack is home recovering. $900 later and a very drugged doggy for the week did not make Mommy very happy. But we love Jack. He's a very special dog. Ask Mommy or Daddy how Jack helped them get together and eventually marry....

Kitties: The first litter of kitties is now over two weeks old and they are fantastic. Thriving, eyes open, and HUGE! They are super-duper cute (as Jonah would say) and we love to see them. Pretty soon they should begin to come out to explore their world. It will be fun and interesting. The second litter came a week after the first but is not well. In fact there were five kittens in all but were very premature. Two died within a day and with their intestines outside their body cavity. Since then two more have also passed away so there is only one kitten left. It needed much help so Mommy had to nurse it with a syringe for a while and help the mama cat get interested in feeding it. For the past few days this little kitty and its mother are doing much better and we are hopeful.

There you have it. A whirlwind recap. Today is mothers day so we are just staying home and working on the yard. The house is the messiest it has EVER been but that will wait until tomorrow. Until then, its gardening and reading books for Mommy. "Aah"...she says.

Happy Mothers Day Everyone.


Carolyn said...

Whew, what a busy week.
Dylan, You are doing awesome, keep up the good work. Camping sounds like so much fun, enjoy yourselves.
Hugs to everyone,
Carolyn in WV

Tommy's mommy said...

Oh my goodness you have been busy! Happy Mother's Day. Hope to see your family soon.

Gretchen said...

Oh man, you guys are FULL!! Seriously, a foster child, too??? I guess one could argue that it's not like things are going to get calmer any time soon..

mama to jayna and ryen said...

Yeah for foster care!

I have a story that will make you feel better about the phrase that sounds like "darn it"...Jayna says a word that sounds a lot like "duck"...she uses it in the correct context, like when she bumps into things, but she says it sweetly and so its hard to correct her. :)