Sunday, June 14, 2009

Camping Was SO MUCH FUN!!!

We had so much fun camping. By far, the best part for Jonah was the swimming. He is definitely the waterboy of the family. We literally could not get him out of the water and Mommy is thinking swim lessons are in his future.

Overall, we had a wonderful and relaxing trip. Thank you Grammy and Grandpa for camping. We can't wait to do that again...Jonah says especially the pool part. SWIMMING!

Here's Jonah, the next swimming sensation.
I took some time to cuddle with Grandpa on the side of the pool. Very relaxing.
Jonah loved riding on Mommy's back. Go faster, Mom!
Daddy gave me rides too.
Here we are back at camp. relaxing.


Carolyn said...

Love the pics. Looks like you had so much fun and relaxing time. Dylan are you going to be the musician. I bet you can plan a good tune.

Ang said...

Oh my goodness, all that water, and all that fun..How could you want to come home? I would want to stay there forever!!

Glad you had fun and hope you can do it again soon.