Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Even MORE Sucia Island Pics!

We had SO MUCH FUN on our trip with the Bates family to Sucia Island. We can't say enough Thank You's to let you know how much we appreciate spending a wonderful day with you.
Here is Jonah and Daddy walking the logs. Captain Bates showed Jonah how to walk on the logs and Jonah is still working on his skills in the backyard.

Here is a picture of a young eagle. We saw three eagles all at once and this guy gave us a close up and personal view...yep, Jonah isn't the only one to redefine what 'poop deck' means.

Here is First Mate Garth (aka Jeff). He is an AWESOME rock climber. Jonah just loves First Mate Garth and wanted to climb the rocks too. Just like his buddy. Here is Jonah, Mommy, and First Mate Garth. Notice how Jonah is very attentive to make sure Garth was nearby? Very cute.

Here is a solid attempt at a family picture. Too bad Jonah and I weren't in the mood. Peek-a-boo! I see you Jonah!
Master Rock Climber and First Mate Garth showing off his skills.
He was pretty good at climbing.
Here is what pure joy looks like when you find that throwing seaweed into the ocean is lots of fun!
Jonah got into the act too. The beach is lots of fun.
The boat we took our very first boat ride on!
Jonah is a true drummer. Here he is making the bottles his new drumming sticks.

Here is Daddy with Captain Bates and Co-Pilot Bates. Mr. Dean and Mrs. Jeri sharing a laugh. They are lots of fun.
Whatch ya lookin' at?

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