Monday, June 29, 2009

Help Needed

Mommy needs your help. Seriously. I have a habit of wandering away and recently this habit (or major problem as Mommy calls it) is getting worse. Lots worse. We live on two acres and typically when I wander I'll just go to a fence and then stand there. The problem is that now I like to run up our very long driveway and if someone doesn't catch me, I'll run all the way to a very busy road.

Twice I have gotten away undetected and two very kind neighbors have intervened and been very understanding as Mommy came running up our driveway in hysterics noticing that I was gone. Both times have been under 5 minutes. To make matters worse, I do not respond to people calling my name. If anything, if I hear it, I'll just run faster.

Mommy is very concerned. We can't afford new fencing or a gate for our driveway. In fact, due to all my therapies and co-pays, 4 new car tires, a big vet bill from Jack's stomach surgery, and is tight. Very tight. So Mommy is going to apply for a grant (SISU) to get a detector of some sort that would notify my family if I started up the driveway or have gone a certain distance from the house.

Here is where we need help. Does anyone have similar experiences and if so, what type of equipment did you find helpful? We need something for the outdoors since Mommy can contain me while I'm inside the house. Has anyone heard of such a system? Thanks for your comments and suggestions.


Julie & kids said...

Kristy - here a link....I think this is the one on like a duracell commercial or something like that.....I haven't used it personally, although I sometimes wish we had one.....but I thought it might help.
-Julie (Ray's friend)

Dylan and Family said...

Thank Julie. I'll check it out. I appreciate the info.

Anonymous said...

I was trying to think of something temporary and low cost until an alternative could be done.

What about those big huge jingle bells being put on his shoe laces for when he's out in the yard? You'll hear him walking around and be alerted when he moves about?

Jessica said...

Check with your local Lions Club, Elks or any of those organizations. Many of them have funds set aside to help families like ours.

Jessica @ Raising Joey

Erin said...

This is a device you attach to him that beeps when he gets more than 25 ft away. There is also a button you can press that will make his unit alarm if you can't find him. It's $40.

They also have a driveway alarm that is $25 and would alert you to movement on the driveway.


amy and mighty max said...

kristy, you are in my thoughts my friend.

dylan, we love and congratulate you on your independence but dude...c'mon, there is a time and place for everything. stay safe our friend.

love, amy and max

Tommy's mommy said...

Kristy, This is a HUGE problem for Tommy especially while we have been camping. I'll turn my back on him for a moment and POOF, he is gone. I'll watch for ideas on your blog for us to use. Glad to see your family is doing so well, all the pictures on your blog are great! Sandi